The Adventure Bank

The Adventure Bank – 2021
Ceramic installation
525cm x 320cm

The 80,000 km2 of the Adventure Plateau is located in the northwestern sector of the Sicilian Channel. It is the shallowest area of the entire region and is part of the northern margin of the African continental plate. Morphologically, it is separated from Sicily by a deep channel of Mazara del Vallo, and from Tunisia by the “Pantelleria Graben“. The map presents a cartography of the seabed in the shallower passage between Europe and Africa where the first routes that crossed this maritime section took place, forming the first passages between the two continents.

The blue cartography drawn by the ceramic pieces brings us conceptually closer to the space and time of the sea voyage. It invites us to reflect on the fact that the sea, and specifically this fragment of sea, has always been and continues to be a space of transit but also a space of conflict.

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