Fabrizio Contarino’s artistic practice develops in the fields of drawing, photography, print reproduction techniques and installation. His work fuses documentary and conceptual practices, exploring belonging, identity and memory through a contemporary approach focused on the duality between image and space, gaze and scene.
He studied communication and advertising at the University of Perugia (It), creative documentary at the Barcelona Film Observatory and an official master’s degree in artistic production and research at the University of Barcelona. His continuous formation includes seminars at the indipendent studies programme of Barcelona Macba with Marcelo Esposito and Franco Berandi Bifo, workshops with Raimon Chaves and Andrea Soto Calderon, participation in curatorial programmes such as On Mediation at Art History University of Barcelona and Crear situaciones at the Centre d’art Santa Monica.
He has exhibited in galleries and art centres in Europe, Asia and Latin America. In 2020 his solo show “La Calle Adentro” was exhibited at Monumental Callao, Lima, Peru and in 2021 his project “The Opposite sea” was exhibited at Vgac, Vilnius Lithuania. In the first decade of 2000 he was a contributor to the experimental art and design magazine “Rojo” and his works have been published in several European magazines.
He currently combines research and practice in the field of visual arts with the artistic direction of Espai Souvenir, a space for artistic and cultural collaboration in Barcelona. As a curator he collaborated and organised exhibitions with Miquel Garcia, Angelica Tognetti, Irma Marco, Ana Lucia Garcia Hoefken, Diego Mallo, Bruno Jose Silva, Federica Matelli among others.
Fabrizio is member of La Escocesa, a creative factory in Barcelona, in 2021 he received the Ramon Llull grant for the first stage of the project The Opposite sea and he is the winner of the grant Temporals 2024 for contemporary art exhbitions in 3 different art spaces of Barcelona.
His works are part of private and public collections, including the University of Barcelona and the Vilnius Graphic Center.

Solo Exhibition

[2024] Temporals 24 – Casa Elizalde, Farinera del Clot, Cc Navas, Barcelona – Es

[2022] 60 seconds party, Center424, Belgrade – Sr

[2021] The other side, public installation, Catania – It

[2021] The opposite sea, Vilnius Graphic Center, Vilnius – Lt

[2020] La calle adentro, Monumental Callo, Lima – Pe

[2019] Swab Art Fair, On Paper, Barcelona – Es

[2018]  Tropical party, with Alina Melnikova, Barrack, Naha – Jp

[2017]  Ping pong  with Diego Mallo, Espai Souvenir, Barcelona – Es

[2017] Entre aguas y muros, Casa Cultural Rat Trap, Bogotá – Co

[2016] Out of data, El Diluvio Universal, Barcelona – Es

[2015] Le grand Tour, Espai la Maga, Barcelona – Es

[2013] Collateral events, Gabinete de Dibujos, València – Es

[2012] Collateral events, La sala, Zaragoza – Es


[On going] La Escocesa, associate, Barcelona – Es

[On going] Espai Souvenir, Barcelona – Es

[2022] Belgrade artist in residence, Belgrade – Sr

[2021] Graphic art center, Vilnius – Lt

[2020] Monumental Callao, Lima – Pe

[2019] Ela Espaço de arte, Luanda – Ao

[2017] Rat trap, Bogotá – Co

[2013-15] Eart, Barcelona – Es


[2020] On Mediation 8, Programa de estudios curatoriales, Bcn – Es

[2010] M.A Artistic production and research, Univ. UB, Barcelona – Es

[2006] Creative documentary course,  Observatorio de Cine, Bcn – Es

[2000] BA Communication & advertising techniques, Perugia Univ – It


[2016/2018] Infografía Popolare, La caníbal , Barcelona – Es

[2016/17] Dibujo radical: F Ruiz, E Álvarez, La caníbal, Bcn – Es

[2013] Occupy overflow and cooperate, M. Expósito, MACBA, Bcn – Es

[2012] How to the end evil | creative activism, Enmedio, Barcelona – Es

[2011] KAFCA, Franco Berardi Bifo, MACBA, Barcelona – Es

[2010] Raimond Chaves – Meterse en dibujos, MUSAC, León – Es

[2010]  Raimond Chaves – Narrar prestado, Can Xalant, Mataró – Es

[2009] Impresión expandida – UB, Barcelona – Es

[2009] Thomas Bayrle – MACBA, Barcelona – Es

Selected Group Exhibitions

[2023] Religaré, La Escocesa, Barcelona – Es

[2019] Premi ArtsFAD, Museo del Disseny, Barcelona – Es

[2019] No Borders, Miscelanea, Barcelona – Es

[2018] El Azar with Diego Sierralta, Espai Souvenir, Barcelona – Es

[2018] Festival Kronos, Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona – Es

[2017] Cyclic Journey, The Goethe institute, Barcelona – Es

[2017]  El Voyeur Invitado, Arteria, Barcelona – Es

[2017] Cartes postales, La Place art space, Barcelona- Es, Lille – Fr

[2016] Accrochage, Ana Yael gallery, Barcelona – Es

[2015] Impossible festival, Eart, Barcelona – Es

[2015] Mutualismes #4 – Sintonies, Eart, Barcelona – Es

[2015] Sintesi, Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona – Es

[2013] Unexpected time, El Diluvio Universal, Barcelona – Es

[2012] Pure language, Madame La Marquise, Barcelona – Es

2012] Arts libris, Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona – Es

[2011] Hacer un dibujando, Domicilio Conocido, Mexico City – Mx

[2011] DF 12 Notas, Foto Septiembre Art fair, Mexico City – Mx

[2011] Fent Safareig, MIAU, Roca Umbert, Granollers – Es

[2010] La Conga, KODRA Action Field Festival, Thessaloniki – Gr

[2010] Fent Safareig, MIAU, Caldes de Montbui – Es

[2009] Ocho, Rojo Gallery, Barcelona – Es

[2008] Building the key, Carpetas Abiertas, Can Xalant, Barcelona – Es

[2008] Building the key, My blogroll, Uruguai / online

[2007] BAC Babylon, CCCB, Barcelona – Es

[2007 ] Btk, Red (permanent) Tapes, Festival Loop, Barcelona – Es

[2006] Rojo smart, Invaliden 1 Gallery, Berlin – De

[2005] Design made, Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul – Kr

[2003] Cosmos, XI Bjcem, Athens – Gr

Curatorial and Souvenir art direction program


· Limit of Disappearence, Bruno Jose Silva, Espai Souvenir , Bcn – Es

· Mediando la ausencia, Teresa Mulet, Espai Souvenir , Bcn – Es


· El inicio, su principio, Agustín Ortiz Herrera, Espai Souvenir , Bcn – Es

· Alsino Skowronnek, Unfinished business, Espai Souvenir , Bcn – Es

· Escuela del fosfeno, Martin Kaulen, Espai Souvenir , Bcn – Es


· Estudio, Diego Mallo, Espai Souvenir , Barcelona – Es

· Manifiesto y ruina, Felipe Garcia Salazar, Espai Souvenir, Bcn


· Malas Hierbas, Jessica Moroni with the curatorial text by Angelica Tognetti Espai Souvenir, Barcelona


· Oradores, Miquel Garcia with curatorial text by Victoria Reuss, Espai Souvenir, Barcelona

· Despersonalizar la colección, Julia Salgueiro, Espai Souvenir, Bcn


· Sistema de escape, Paola acebedo,  Espai Souvenir, Bcn

· Night Simphony, Penelope Thomaidi,  Espai Souvenir, Bcn


· Daichi Sato, T. Otsuka, Metamorphosing reality,  Espai Souvenir, Bcn 

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