Entre aguas y muros

Entre Aguas y Muros – 2017 / On going
Silkscreen on paper – 300cm x 140cm

Entre Aguas y Muros refers to the timeless ambiguity of the sea: a liquid passage unifying lands, yet at the same time a dangerous border provoking death and rejection. The piece originates from a photographed section of the Sicilian Channel. In its totality, the Channel is a 145km long sea strait between Sicily and Tunisia, a border between Europe and Africa. The artist replicated and modified the image to create an infinite motion of distant and near waves. The piece is both appealing and alarming; its movement and the history of the strait itself represent endless stories of migration, encounters and clashes.

This installation is part of a series of works, which touch upon current political issues such as migration & border controls. The works not only reflect the political status quo, but rather invite the beholder to perceive current circumstances from a stand point of the past, and how these have developed ever since.

Curatorial text by Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio

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