The adventure bank

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the adventure bank
The adventure bank - Fabrizio Contarino

The adventure Bank – 2018
Pencil on paper, 300cm x 210cm (eighteen 50 cm x 70 cm)

The ~80,000 km2 Adventure Plateau is located in the north-western sector of the Sicily Channel. It is the shallowest area of the entire region, and is part of the northern margin of the African continental plate. Morphologically, it is separated from Sicily by the relatively deep Mazzara del Vallo Channel, and from Tunisia by the Pantelleria Graben. The map presents the first ever sea routes crossing this sea section, forming the first passages from Europe to Africa and vice versa.

This installation is part of a series of works, which touch upon current political issues such as migration & European border controls. The works not only reflect the political status quo, but rather invite the beholder to perceive current circumstances from a stand point of the past, and how these have developed ever since.

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