La calle adentro

La calle adentro, 2020
Installation (350cm x 250cm), drawing diptych (Ink on paper 15x21cm), Online session of videos #lacalleadentro

The installation “La calle adentro” shown at Monumental Callao (Lima) as a result of a residency in their installations. The work refers to the ornaments of Plaza de la Matriz, one of the most photographed places and most shared on the internet by the tourists who visit this place every day, a symbol of the new face of the city. Safe by day, inaccessible by night.
By extrapolating these decorations from their context, the focus is on its representation. The space is transformed into a set, which, although it refers to the street, when photographed returns only light and shadows, erasing the context and the identity of those represented.
The work is presented as a trigger of possibilities, of exchanges between the real world and the web in a game of coming and going between the street and its digital representation.

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