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Accumulation —> Simplification —> Repetition

I am interested in the tools which media uses for choosing and representing subjects, its ways of creating a reality and modalities of production and transmission of images.

At the same time I select stories, documents, images and fragments which, for its potential of fascination, may result in a narrative of daily life.

The combination of these two strategies lead to creation of a system of visual references to tell different realities.

The Bank ‘s House


The banks make big offers for evicted flats a credit of which could not be paid by the family, this strategy permits banks to set free from depths and continue speculation. One of these banks use a childish drawing to promote availability of such real estate.
I created (using pre-existing graffiti) a stickers kit which is free and open to use for everybody to change the semantic meaning of bank´s message.

16 handmade silkscreen stickers,
street installation

Le Grand Tour

art, exhibition

“Le Grand Tour”, mixed media drawings inspired by photographs that no one took during my travels, using google car images as a tool.

5 digital drawings: 100x140cm
5 qr codes: videos in loop
1 silkscreen 1/7: 50x65cm
Wall painting: 300x300cm



PIGS is an acronym used by international bond analysts, academics, and the economic press that refers to the economies of Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain in regard to matters relating to sovereign debt markets.
This Project presents a selection of signs and posters of demonstrations in these countries that I have drawn in black ink. The drawings work as a means of preserving thought and feelings expressed by this “community” through their protests.

Mixed media on paper
2012/on going
See more: Pigs Power tumblr


art, publications

Protests in Lisbon, Madrid and Santiago de Chile, riots in Cairo and Tunis, strikes in Athens, clashes in London.
This is the context that I describe in the “collateral events”, a sum of events that lead to our recent past.

32 pages black and white publication
Limited edition, 2013
See more at: Eventos Colaterales tumblr


art, exhibition

During the research and development of this project I spent a year collecting texts and photographs of protests that were happening daily around the world.

A database of over 3000 images collected using social networks… From these images I tried a selection of 160 which became drawings. read more

-160 mixed media on paper, 15×21 cm each
See more at: Eventos Colaterales tumblr


art, publications

This selection of drawings has been made in the month of October 2011 for the exhibition “Hacer un Dibujando” in Mexico City.
Notes inspired by news of the “Occupy” movement.

Mixed media on paper
20x30cm each



Writing notes and sketches during my stop in Bahia, Espírito Santo, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Photographs, printscreens, slideshow, texts, drawings – variable dimensions


art, collaboration, publications

Record of correspondence with the artist Paola Sman from Mexico. A random picture is translated into a text/story which once emailed becomes a picture of a fictional town.
A sort of rehearsal for a rethink between experience and imagination.

Postcards Book 28 pages.
Fotoseptiembre Mx