Entre aguas y muros

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entre aguas y muros
entre aguas y muros
entre aguas y muros

Entre Aguas y Muros – 2017 – ongoing
Silkscreen on paper – 300cm x 140 (twelve 50cm x 70cm)

Entre Aguas y Muros refers to the timeless ambiguous connotations of the sea: a liquid passage unifying lands, but also a natural and dangerous border that can provoke death and rejection. The artist starts his piece from a photograph of the Straits of Sicily – a 145 km passage between Sicily and Tunisia; between Europe and Africa – replicating and modifying the image to create an unstoppable motion of distant and near waves. The piece is both attractive and alarming at the same time; its movement and the history of the strait itself represent endless stories of migration, encounters and clashes.
Curatorial text by Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio

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