Collateral events

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collateral events
collateral events

Collateral events, 2010/2012
Installation, 160 mixed media on paper
every year is stupid. It is a time past when they become interesting” Cesare Pavese
During the research and development of this project I spent a year collecting texts and photographs of protests that were happening daily around the world, in a period ranging from october 2010 to coincide with the strikes that paralyzed France until 15 october 2011 with the “occupy” movement. A database of over 3000 images collected using social networks. From these images I tried a selection of 160 which became drawings.
The drawing time allowed me to reflect on the events, remember and think of them as history. although each person depicted in this series offers individual responses to situations of concern, the sum of the representations set, in time, connections between events in future.

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