Fabrizio Contarino, Barcelona based visual artist.
His work is mainly centred on drawing, also expanding to other practices such as photography, graphic design and video installation.
The use of different materials and techniques – namely paper, pen, ink, silk-screen printing and digital tools – is at the core of his creative production.
The artist’s imagination is fed by a wide range of sources from both high and popular culture and his work, often laden with irony and a form of social commentary, focuses on topics related to the transmission or manipulation of information and on memory.
He received M.A. degree in Artistic Production and Research and participated in numerous international exhibitions in Spain, Italy, Greece, Colombia and Korea, he was a contributor to Rojo magazine from 2002 to 2011, and his work has been published in a number of magazines throughout Europe.

Solo Exhibition

  • -2021
    Borders, Vilnius Graphic Center, Vilnius (LT)
  • -2020-
    La calle adentro, Monumental Callo,  Lima (PER)
  • -2019-
    Swab Art Fair, with Paola Acebedo, Swab on Paper , Barcelona (ES)     El Azar, with Diego Sierralta, Espai Souvenir, Barcelona (ES)
  • -2018-
    Tropical party, with Alina Melnikova, Barrack, Naha (JP)
  • -2017-
    Ping pong session 01, with Diego Mallo, Espai Souvenir, Barcelona (ES)
    Entre aguas y muros, Casa Cultural Rat Trap, Bogotá (CO)
  • -2016-
    Out of data, El Diluvio Universal, Barcelona (ES)
  • -2015-
    Le grand Tour, Espai la Maga, Barcelona (ES)
  • -2013-
    Eventos colaterales, notas sobre protestas locales, Gabinete de Dibujos, València (ES)
  • -2012-
    Eventos colaterales, notas sobre protestas locales, La sala, Zaragoza (ES)

Selected Workshops

  • 2016/2018-
    Infografía Popolare, La caníbal , Barcelona (ES)
  • -2016/2017-
    Dibujo radical con Francesc Ruiz e Efrén Álvarez, La caníbal, Barcelona (ES)
  • -2013-
    Occupy overflow and cooperate, Marcelo Expósito – Pei, MACBA, Barcelona (ES)
  • -2012-
    How to the end evil | International gathering of creative activism Enmedio, Barcelona (ES)
  • -2011-
    KAFCA (Knowledge Against Financial Capitalism), MACBA, Barcelona (ES)
  • -2010-
    Raimond Chaves – Meterse en dibujos, MUSAC, León (ES)
    Raimond Chaves – Narrar prestado, Can Xalant, Mataró (ES)
  • -2009-
    Impresión expandida – International Symposium – UB, Barcelona (ES)
    Thomas Bayrle – I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore, MACBA, Barcelona (ES)

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • -2019-
    Premi ArtsFAD, Museo del Disseny, Barcelona (ES)
    No Borders, Miscelanea, Barcelona (ES)
  • -2018-
    Festival Kronos, Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona (ES)
    Tallers oberts, Espai Souvenir, Barcelona (ES)
  • -2017-
    Cyclic Journey, The Goethe institute, Barcelona (ES)
    El Voyeur Invitado, Arteria, Barcelona (ES)
    Cartes postales, La Place art space, Barcellona (ES) – Lille (FR)
  • -2016-
    Accrochage, Ana Yael gallery, Barcelona (ES)
  • -2015-
    Impossible festival, Eart, Barcelona (ES)
    Mutualismes #4 – Sintonies, Eart, Barcelona (ES)
    Sintesi, Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona (ES)
  • -2013-
    Unexpected time, El Diluvio Universal, Barcelona (ES)
  • -2012-
    Pure language, Madame La Marquise, Barcelona (ES)
    Arts libris, Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona (ES)
  • -2011-
    Hacer un dibujando, Galería Domicilio Conocido, Mexico City (MX)
    DF 12 Notas, Fiera Internazionale del Libro d’Artista: Foto Septiembre, Mexico City (MX)
    Fent Safareig, MIAU, Roca Umbert, Granollers (ES)
  • -2010-
    La Conga, KODRA Action Field Festival, Thessaloniki (GR)
    Fent Safareig, MIAU, Caldes de Montbui (ES)
  • -2009-
    Ocho, Rojo Gallery, Barcelona (ES)
  • -2008-
    Building the key, Museo Experimental el Eco, Mexico City (MX)
    Building the key, Carpetas Abiertas, Can Xalant, Barcelona (ES)
    Building the key, My blogroll, Uruguai / online
  • -2007-
    BAC Babylon, CCCB – Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Barcelona (ES)
    Building the key, Red (permanent) Tapes, Festival Loop, Barcelona (ES)
  • -2006-
    Rojo smart, Invaliden 1 Gallery, Berlin (DE)
  • -2005-
    Design made, Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul (KR)
  • -2003-
    Cosmos, XI Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, Athens (GR)


  • -2020
    Tokio galeria, Callao(PER)
  • -current-
    Espai Souvenir, Barcelona (ES)
  • -2019-
    Ela Espaço de arte, Luanda (AO)
  • -2017-
    Rat trap, Bogotá (CO)
  • -2013/2015-
    Experimentem amb l’art, Barcelona (ES)